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The following table lists the schedule of classes at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio in Evergreen, Colorado. Below the table you will find class descriptions. Also read teacher biographies.

Fall Session
September 25 -- January 25, 2018
(No classes, weeks of Nov. 13, 20, and Dec 25)

Current Schedule
Day & Time Class Teacher
  6:00 to   7:15 pm  Level 2-3 Jimmy
10:00 to  11:15 am Level 1 Athena
  4:30 to    5:45 pm Level 3 Athena
 10:00 to  11:15 am  Level 2-3 Athena
   7:00 to   8:15 pm Level 2 Athena
   9:30 to   10:45 am  Yoga for the Spirit Cara
 11:15 to   12:30 pm Level 2 Athena
   1:00 to    2:15 pm  Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Jimmy



  • 15-week session          $175

  • Single Class Drop-in    $  17

Class Descriptions

Use the following list to determine which class is best for you.

1-Warrior-Level-One-ClassLevel-1 Yoga Class
This class is for beginning students, although ongoing students and students returning to yoga after being away from it for some time will also benefit. Students attending this class will increase their understanding of the relationship of each yoga pose to anatomy and how it works for their particular bodies. The class provides an  introduction to yoga through emphasis on alignment, focused breathing, and awareness of our physical and emotional conditions at a particular moment.

Half MoonLevel-2 Class
This class is for continuing students who want to deepen their experience of yoga. Like the Level-1 Class, emphasis is on alignment, focused breathing, and internal awareness. On the other hand, this class covers a greater variety of asanas and flows, such as the Sun Salutation, and includes some active inversions. Beginning students who have good body awareness and no significant injuries are also welcome.

One Armed BalanceLevel-3 Class
This class is for experienced and committed yoga students. To get to this level, students must commit to the discipline of a home practice of yoga.

This class includes more difficult asanas and a variety of flows, called vinyasas, and active inversions.


Yoga for the Spirit
This class explores the spiritual aspects of yoga and features classical yoga asanas with an emphasis on yoga philosophy. The chakras and meditation will be taught, as well as the nature-inspired flowing movements of Dru Yoga, designed to release energy blocks and promote equanimity through a connection to the sacred.

1-RestorativeGentle Therapeutic Yoga
This class is designed for those who are dealing with injuries, chronic pain, illnesses, or recovering from surgery. Experience yoga where it excels the most, as a therapeutic and restorative practice. Students will learn how to perform classic yoga poses, and breathing practices to help with recovery and rehabilitation.


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