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Teachers at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio
The experience and areas of excellence of the teachers at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio in Evergreen, Colorado are described on this page.

Athena FlegasAthena Flegas is the director of the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio and has developed her own balanced approach to teaching Hatha Yoga. She focuses on breath, awareness, and alignment to gently guide students safely into yoga poses. By working closely with individual students, she allows the space and time for them to develop a more therapeutic approach to yoga than is found in typical yoga studios. She encourages students to tap into their true essence and feel a total integration of body, mind, and spirit both on and off the yoga mat.

A continuing student of yoga since the early 1970s, Athena received her Yoga teacher’s certification in 1985, Massage Therapy and Body Centered Therapy certifications in 1990. Her style of teaching yoga has been greatly influenced by the Iyengar system of yoga, the Feldenkrais and Pilates systems of movement, her Heart Centered Meditation practice and her reverence for the yogic philosophy. She also teaches Heart Centered Meditation and Yin Meditation - Dance.

Instructor Athena Flegas has been practicing Heart Centered Meditation with her teacher Mary White since 1998, and teaching meditation since 2005.

Mia FoleyMia Foley is inspired by the magic in the world around us. Mia has dedicated her life to the study of intuition development, clairvoyance, healing and the movement of energy. Through the use of clairvoyant readings, crystal healings and aura photography, Mia brings insight to life's circumstances. Mia believes in providing tools to help others manage the energy around them and has taught beginning to advanced classes in intuition and clairvoyant development for over 7 years.

Teach JimmyJimmy Flegas-Jones took up yoga in 1991 and became convinced of its power during his rehabilitation from hip replacement surgery in 1993. In 1995 he completed the Body Mind Awareness Yoga apprenticeship program and began teaching yoga. He enjoys helping people use yoga to recover from or prevent physical injuries and surgeries. He also works as a science writer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.

Mary LuvetMary Luvet is an Energetic Intuitive Healer and Teacher. As a lifelong student and teacher, she brings her knowledge of Yoga, Theta Healing, Intuitive/Psychic Development, Shamanism, Massage Therapy, and 13th Octave La Ho Chi to her classes and healing sessions. She is a certified Agent of Conscious Evolution and Peacemaker, having studied with Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Peacemakers' Institute, as well as a certified yoga teacher. Her primary focus is the Ascension of Mother Earth and all of Humanity into a Higher Dimensional Realm of Love and Joy.

Cara YorkCara York became a student of yoga in 2001. Her practice and teaching involve opening the heart and creating space to receive. This gentle and restorative yoga practice is a nourishing way for connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Cara has completed a 265 hour Contemplative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program and the Body Mind Awareness Teacher Apprenticeship program. She has taught both children and adults, holding the space for students to discover their yoga.

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